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As someone just starting out on the eco friendly train I found this kit great! I wouldn't have tried bees wax wraps before they where included in this them!

Robotchicken 7/8/19

Great starter pack on your "go plastic free" journey

Dinkydevil 17/7/19

Great products at a great price. Recommended

Shelby.M 17/7/19

As the first time I have purchased beeswax wraps I am very impressed with how well they perform. Comes with brilliant free gifts and came in completely recyclable packaging.

Charlotte.F 9/7/19

Love these beeswax wraps, great sizes and greet quality

Ethan.C 3/7/19

Great love it!

Camilla 1/7/19

Great product, love the design, easy to use, good sizes in pack. Easy clean, you also get 2 bamboo straws and toothbrushes. Good price

Customer 23/7/19

supper happy good value easy to use and clean

Rosie 22/7/19

I absolutely love these products and would definitely recommend them. Beeswax wraps are very handy; keep the food fresh and are very easy to clean. Toothbrushes are great quality and my daughter loves the bamboo straw and thinks it makes her drinks taste better :) Great alternatives to plastic products!!

Audrey 17/7/19

I thought you really got good value with this pack. Everything is of good quality and love the ebook that comes with it.

LJ 16/7/19

I love the bees wax food wraps, they are brilliant for picnics

Charlotte.P 16/7/19

Great product and very simple to use, plus knowing I am reducing my plastic consumption is a massive bonus.

Peter.R 11/7/19

I loved the wraps, it has reduced the use of plastics dramatically in our house!

Alexandra 9/7/19

Not only do these wraps help save the environment they take less space to store easy to clean and won’t break if you drop them. Due to the durability of all these items they will help save money as they don’t need replacing as often.

Ziva 6/7/19

The wraps are very easy to use. The large size wrap I use for my sandwiches for work and the small one I wrap my apples or nectarines in. I have not used the straws or toothbrushes yet. Give them a try.


Fab design, no more need for cling film and plastic straws yay

Hannah.C 19/6/19

Great product and loved the designs!

Jarvis S 13/5/19

I am trying to be a bit greener and am using these instead of cling film . So far have used them to cover food in the fridge.

Veronica.C 12/5/19

Good price for this product! Used for half tomatoes and bread too. Keeps things fresh. Recommended!

Bettiquna 5/5/19

I like that it is the right step to being eco friendly,we all got to do more for the environment.Having this pack helps.It came early and was not wrapped in plastic,which great.

Ching 1/5/19

Used these a few times now. Maybe not as easy to use as cling film, but so much bettter environmentally. Won't be using cling film again.

Customer 27/4/19

Love these!! delivery was fast, and these are really great to use.

Dino 26/4/17

They are super great value with the tooth brushes and straws included, it's a great zero waste starter bundle, for the price the quality of all the products seems great. I've not used the toothbrushes yet as I am using up my current ones but they seems like good quality. The Beeswax wraps work perfectly! They're very easy to mold and stick to themselves with the warmth of your hands. I used them to cover my pizza dough whilst it rested and the wraps were still stuck together after hours of rising. They are extremely easy to clean just sanitise your sink first and then use cold water without soap to wipe of food partials and residue. Ensure to never cover raw meats because cold Walter will not wash away the bacteria. I'm so glad I purchased these after hours of comparing products, very easy to use and zero smell! :)

Nickelle.T 25/4/19

The perfect eco gift. I would like to buy more.

Tea.M 22/4/19

Lovely quality, pretty, easy to use.
The 3 sizes are really useful.
Very sweet to include a free bamboo toothbrush, drinking straws & cleaner, too.

L.Marsden 21/3/19

Have been wanting some of these for ages so bit the bullet and these are really good I’m going to get more in different colours so I can use them for different things. They are well made and held up well in the fudge definitely a grate buy

Panic and Prayers 20/3/19

As much as I like to try eco alternatives, I feel like beeswax wrap is generally pretty expensive. That being said, considering the beeswax wrap market (which appears to be pretty extensive) this set is very good value.

The three wraps themselves are useful sizes and the decorative pattern of bees is pretty attractive. It's nicely packaged (in recyclable packaging) making it ideal as a gift.

The bamboo toothbrush and straw are nice additions but are not the highest quality.

Chris 10/3/19

These fit around food really well, good for vegetables, bread, covering bowls in the fridge etc. I love how easy they are to use! Would definitely recommend and very good value for money for 3 wraps.

Customer 4/3/19

Easy to use , easy to clean but the price in a bit steep to purchase enough to completely do away with cling film/tin foil as I do alot of batch cooking etc but having purchased 2 of these packs I have reduced my waste by half so its a step in the right direction

A.Stubbs 3/3/19

So happy with my order, the wraps are really good quality, easy to use and work perfectly. Easy to clean and re-use and come with instructions if you're not sure. Will definitely be buying more, and encouraging family and friends to do the same!

Connor 3/3/19

So happy with my order, the wraps are really good quality, easy to use and work perfectly. Easy to clean and re-use and come with instructions if you're not sure. Will definitely be buying more, and encouraging family and friends to do the same!

Beth 1/3/19

This is a great package. Got bought as a gift and I will deffinately be buying again!

Customer 28/2/19

Ordered this as a gift for my parents. We’re all trying to be more eco-friendly as a family and my mother’s pet peeve is single use plastic. She was chuffed and is keen to try it out. Fun (and green) gift.

A.White 19/2/19

Loved this product! Easy to use and comes in great sizes. I will be buying more as these are fantastic for my sandwiches and cakes for lunch.

Matt 19/2/19

I was given these as a gift and they’re absolutely fab! Such a good way to reduce waste, they are the perfect alternative to cling film or sandwich bags. Also great that the straw comes with a little cleaner. Would highly recommend :)

Emily Osbourne 17/2/19

My partner got this for me as a gift as its one of my New Years resolutions to use re-useable products. Really pleased with it - really easy to clean and looks great! Also I got a bamboo toothbrush and bamboo straw with a little cleaner. Overall great product! Would definitely recommend!

Abi Baker 13/2/19

Exactly what I wanted, perfect for wrapping up left overs and even comes with a few freebies. Gave the bamboo straw to my nephew and kept the toothbrush for me

Sam Jones 8/2/19